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First and foremost, representation by an attorney before entering into any business relationship is critical to avoid potential disputes. The attorneys at Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A. have extensive experience planning thorough business structures, preparing operating agreements, negotiating client business objectives, creating loan documents and representation for business transactions and sales to effectively avoid conflict. Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A. is experienced in a wide variety of industries, ranging from investment/leasing of real property, contractors, retail, product distribution, multiple/recurring income businesses, lenders and professional enterprises; whether it’s mom-and-pop business or a large corporation.

When relationships sour, contracts/leases require enforcement or someone owes you money, Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A. zealously attempts to resolve the issue prior to engaging in litigation. Resolution at all levels of representation is a central goal for Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A. to save clients from unnecessarily expending a significant amount of time, money and aggravation involved with litigation.

In the event the only remaining option is court, Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A.’s attorneys have extensive litigation experience representing our clients, whether it’s prosecuting a claim or defending against partners, creditors or other individuals; Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A. is prepared to effectively, competently and vigorously represent its clients through trial and appeals. With nearly 20 years of litigation experience Attorney, Bartosz A. Ostrzenski, Esq., administers the litigation department for Ostrzenski & Stricklin, P.A.

If You're Not Represented, You Can't Represent

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